No phase of development scares us. From a single recipe to a comprehensive social strategy to a web series, we’re here to help you execute on your vision.



With over 10 years of experience developing recipes for restaurants, individuals, editorial outlets, and cookbooks, we’re skilled at creating clearly written, foolproof recipes that resonate with a wide range of readers and cooks.


/  Original recipe development

/  Recipe writing

/  Recipe testing and editing


The New Yorker


Potato Smash


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Chili Salt





We’re always happy to share our own expertise on what content is likely to perform best, but if you’re looking for a more comprehensive consultation on social strategy, we can bring in the big guns. Our social media expert—who’s fluent in all things ROI, analytics, distribution, and beyond—can help you:

/  Determine strategy and roll out of content; i.e. what to make, when to release it, and how to distribute it

/  Define your point of view, target audience, and overall messaging

/  Create a signature creative aesthetic and strong narrative that is woven throughout all visuals.