Our goal is simple: to combine compelling narratives with striking food and lifestyle imagery. It's a potent combination and we do it really well.


Founded by alex budman and thea baumann

As a small, direct-to-client production company, we work closely with brands and individuals (agencies, we love you too!) to create video, still, and social-specific assets for all your digital platforms. Don’t see what you’re looking for in our work examples? We do it all—and love a challenge—so just let us know and we can make it up together. 


ROLE(S): Recipe Developer, Food & Prop Stylist, Producer

CREDENTIALS: Diplôme de Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Co-author of It’s All Easy, Food Editor @goop

FAVORITE THING ABOUT SHORT STACK: Helping brands figure out the best way to tell their story, prop shopping, and working with Alex everyday.


ROLE(S): Shooter, Editor, Producer (predator is the term but…ew)

CREDENTIALS: MFA @ School of Visual Arts, The Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon, Video @goop

FAVORITE THING ABOUT SHORT STACK: Working with Thea! Seeing the content we make perform, creative problem solving and being on set.